10 Signs You’re Actually Doing Well In Life

10 Signs You’re Actually Doing Well In Life

10 Signs To Let You How You're Doing In Life.
“The outlook of how we are doing is better than we actually seem”

You’re Actually Winning In Life

Life has many different phrases and meanings. As a result, we spend so much time how to live and how to truly live.

We sometimes get too hard on ourselves if we aren’t fulfilling our potential to the full extent. But, why is that?

Then, we start to wonder what type of life we are living. Or are we doing enough.

Well, I am here to tell you that.

These ten signs will tell you how well you’re actually doing in life.

Now, let’s see you have all 10.

Although these signs may be common, it never hurts to look them over.

1.You have a roof over your head

Having a roof over your head is a big accomplishment and feels really good. Some people are homeless, in prison, live in horrible living conditions, but a roof is all the merrier. Be thankful you have a place to call home each and everyday while, some don’t get to experience that luxury.

2. You ate today

Like I said before. A third of the world’s population doesn’t get to eat like you do today. People have to wait weeks or several days just to have their first meal. How does that sound? Awful, right? Be thankful you had something to fill you up no matter what dish it was. Then, you’ll start to appreciate the meals you eat in a given period. To clarify, every meal you eat should be taken into consideration and you should be thankful to eat it.

3. You have a good heart

You wish the best others and the people around you. The world isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It’s a corrupt and nasty place where anything can happen at any given moment. So, always be the bigger person because you might make someone’s day. For instance, you may see a kid getting bullied for an odd reason.

4. You wish good for others.

Being good to other people and wishing good only brings positive energy and good karma. What’s the point of being bitter or hating on someone? It’s just ugly. Always uplift others and be supportive of one another. Nonetheless, getting jealous of others isn’t the right thing to do. Always be happy for them no matter the circumstance. So, you feel good and they feel good.

5. You have clean water.

Many people around the world struggle to have clean water. So, you’re lucky to drink water that’s not polluted with bacteria and germs. It makes life more enjoyable and thankful. Then, you’ll start to realize you have it better than most people.

6. Someone cares for you.

First, someone cares for you. No matter who you’re someone cares for you. If you’re going through something, you can reach out to me at anytime and tell me how you’re feeling. I want everyone to reads my blog to succeed whether it’s a small win or a big win. So, never forget you’re alone.

7. You strive to be better

Get out of your comfort zone. You always have to strive to be better than you were yesterday and attempt to try something new. Or else what’s the point? We only have only shot at life and if you’re being “still” you’re going nowhere.

8. You have clean clothes

Clothes are a necessity to this life but having clean clothes makes life more enjoyable. Many people on earth don’t have the access to clean clothes and you should be thankful you can wash your clothes. So, next time you complain about clothes, think about people who don’t have the resources to wash them.

9. You have a dream

Dream big and keep striving to be great. Dreams are achievable and possible in this world. Never let anyone tell you different. The more hate you receive is just more motivation to actually accomplish the goal at hand. Then, you will finally start seeing results. Although, hard work has to come with that prayer.

10. You are breathing.

You woke up and have another day at life. That’s the biggest blessing you will receive in this life. On the contrary, don’t take this for granted. Subsequently, many people would love to have what you currently have in this life. Because you will have more gratitude for being alive and well.

Finally, Be thankful for the little things. To others, they’re the most important. So, never dwell on what you have. Nevertheless, always be thankful for everything.

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Imagination is the indulgence of our information

Imagination is a path to the life we want

Our imagination is our biggest gift in this life.

We consciously spend 30% of our time day dreaming. It is said that we fall asleep dreaming about perfect scenarios in our head. Truly, we want to find what makes our mind so great.

Today, I will be telling you how imagination can get you everything you want in this life.

For example, let’s say you won the lottery. The big money cash prize of $1 Billion dollars. Take it all in. Although, you may think its fake, you actually won. All the green money that you see on the table. As your eyes open up and see the big money prize in front of you. All the cheers and crowds from the room make you go ecstatic. Then, all of a sudden you wake up from that dream. True manifestation of you holding money with and a dream coming to life.

Now, here is the part, where you have to, get truly obsessed. The idea of winning.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

This may seem like a lunatic thing to do but its not. It’s rational. This may seem like you’re suffering from addiction but it’s clearly an obsessed.

Seriously, get obsessed. Think about it everyday. Morning and night. Every single second until as long as you live. You can probably hear the crowd clapping and cheering for you now. You’re going to keep thinking about it until it happens.

All riled up and excited. The feelings of butterflies in chest making you cheerful and anxious. Remember this feeling as long as you live. Don’t hold any of this back at all. You will try to convince yourself that none of this is worth it. That’s where you’re wrong.

Truly, worth all the pain and suffering you will go through. It will feel like a drug and and more importantly a good one. It will make you stare at a wall thinking if it will ever happen. You will have trouble seeing if this manifestation will ever come true.

Then, you’ll ask the universe if you asked for too much.

The universe will say, “I’m guiding you to what you deserve”

Of course, you might feel angry it didn’t happen. But, you did ask for alot, maybe more than you can handle. You will ask again and again. The universe may give you a portion of it if you’re lucky.

Now, here is where others give up. They don’t really chase after their dream but, stop working for it. Now, we are real with ourselves 24/7 and want the best for ourselves. As soon as, you feel like it’s impossible to complete, it’s over. Then, you’ll start having doubts on why you even dreamed that much.

Many people hold on to their dreams but, don’t do anything. Don’t be one of those people. That’s where our dreams die and fade out. They think it’s out of arms reach and call it the “impossible”. The problem is you’re not good enough.


And you’ll slowly start to develop the skills to make that dream happen. Next, your brain will wire all that information to make it actually happen. Any other person would have have quit and never tried again. But, you’re not just any other person. You’re a go getter. Literally, an obsessed lunatic to make your dreams work.

Then, when it finally works.

Furthermore, your obsession will be back.

Obsessed with changing your life.

The universe will keep testing you to see if you’re persistent enough to make it happen.

Although, it may be hard. You never stop trying until it happens.

Now, the figment of your imagination has turned into a reality. All the manifestation and hard work is possible and turned out fine. Nothing is as beautiful as you imagine. The feelings fade away pretty quickly. Now, you’re afraid you will lose it all. Or becoming more confident and less shy with the person you’re. Subsequently, you see what type person you want to be.

Then, it will all make sense.

If you actually achieve the goal and aren’t lucky. Your mentality will change and how you see the world. Moreover, you’ll see the abundance in the universe and everything it s giving you. See that life is about doing more and more and how much it offers us.

In conclusion, we will make those dreams work.

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action.
NThe first step is always the hardest but will always be worth it

The only way to win in life is to take action.

We often want to do very well in life.

For example, think of it as a race.

The best car wants to win and we want to cheer them on.

But the thing is, nobody saw the work we put behind it.

Nonetheless, taking action shows RESULTS.

That’s the result of human action and accomplishment and why so many successful people the way they’re.

They take action.

Not sitting around all day and thinking how they will accomplish a certain task but just by doing it.

But many say, ” what if I fail?”.

Trial & Error ladies and gentlemen.

So, the next time you feel hesitant about something, just do it, as Nike Says.

I am always thinking about something to do but get riled up and hesitant to try.

It’s better than before but it can always improve.

Then, once you take action it will become second nature.

Life is a game that you have to play smart

Taking risks always come with the game and that’s what makes it great

Take action and do something different today

Being in quarantine isn’t a excuse to watch Netflix and do something in unproductive all day

Because it pushes you back a step back from the life you want to live.

Taking action = results & memories that will last a life time

Be happy for the change you’re about to make.

Persistence shows long term success

Persistence shows long term success

Persistence shows long term success.
Persistence shows long term success.

Persistence shows long term success

People love to give up early. There’s a process for literally everything and then wonder why it doesn’t workout.

I can totally understand that.

There is burnout and stress.

Although, you want to quit, you can’t.

Then, you’ll become like everyone else who does.

The psychology behind it is simple.

No results = Giving up.

However, you shouldn’t.

At the same time, you might be going through a lot, it won’t be of use.

There is a quote that everyone should live by.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men

with talent. Genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated

derelicts. Persistence and determination

alone are omnipotent.”

On the contrary, people want short cuts.

They don’t see the actual work behind it.

Truly, the craft, dedication, and persistence is behind it.

Then, when you see those factors,

You will see results.

Make the decision of making an option to succeed or

Of course, be like everyone else.

But, the truth is in the question is,

you need grit.

Nevertheless, you can’t blame others.

Optimism and grit will see longevity and long term success.

Treat it like a long term endeavor.

You won’t see any overnight success or change

Therefore, think wisely.

We think of schemes to see success in a month or less.


On one hand, it may sound good and well

but, you will just be disappointed with yourself.

Like I said before, think accordingly.

In spite of, the hardships, failure, and uncertainty’s,

You will start to question everything you did and

the way you did prior before you started to get happy.

Then, you’ll see results and success.

Persistence shows long term success.

Repeat after me,

Persistence shows long term success.

Never stop.

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Support My Blog

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Feeling support never goes unnoticed.

I hope you guys got something from this and share my posts with a family member or friend.

Carpe Diem.

Fail Big, To Be Successful

Fail Big, To Be Successful

Dear Failure: Thanks for these 9 Lessons
In order to be successful , you must fail

Everyone in this lifetime wants to be successful.

Your mother, your father, your cousins, and last but not least, yourself.

I get the cliche quote of hearing this all the time but that’s life.

We must fail over and over again to be great.

It will not mysteriously happen overnight and we will have to take serious action to be great like you read in movies, mythology, and underdog stories.

Oprah got fired at 23 from her job and she thought it was the end.

She didn’t know what else to do but work harder.

And what does this all mean?

Nobody’s perfect.

Nobody’s an overnight sensation.

It’s literally you versus the world.

In a sense, your friends in family will always support the things that you do in this lifetime, but you must stay focused to win.

Stop socializing , stop waiting for girls, stop waiting for the “perfect moment” and be in love with the grind. Your success will show because everything else is just holding you back from the true goals that you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you going to let another day pass you by or will do something about it?

See you on the other side.

Whatever is meant for you, will arrive in due time

Whatever is meant for you, will arrive in due time

We often think, ” how come I’m not blessed like her or him”

Then think to ourselves why we should be blessed with materialistic things in our lives.

To put this in perspective.

It will come.

We have to let life take it’s course sometimes.

We can’t always have our way and the things we want won’t always be ours.

There is a quote that I stand by for affirmations like this

Let it come and let it go

So whatever blessing may come in your lifetime that you’re magically unexpected or expected will come with hard work and diligence

We want to rush things that aren’t often for us and things that may disturbed our peace

Good things will come into your life that you deserve and whatever you deserve will come.

Never forget that as long as you live.

Importance of Mental  Health

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is a priority and needs to be taken seriously
Represents the mind of someone with mental health issues

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Mental Health is an important thing we often forget to realize because of how it can damage our body without us even realizing it. The month of May is dedicated to people with mental health issues in the United States and I wanted to address that because of how we should never ignore people with mental health traits.
The first thing I wanted to talk about is an important issue that’s currently going on in the United States which is currently going on in the United States which is, mental health. Mental Health can be defined as, ” a person’s condition regarding their physiological and emotional well-being“. People can look normally fine and normal through everyday activities but do we actually know what’s going on inside their head? We can feel at our best one day and feel struck down the next. We can truly never know whats going inside our heads or with one another so its best that we always check on those who are important to us. It could be our friends, siblings, family members, employees, teachers, coaches, etc. Mental Health month is adhered to the month of May but we all should check on our mental health everyday. Not just once a day, every second of our lives because it change how a person is truly feeling about themselves. I want to check on yourself and the others you care about because nobody deserves depressed thoughts or feel like they’re unworthy or feel like a burden. If you ever are feeling down you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline to make and a person on the line will talk to you to make sure you’re feeling okay and not having suicidal thoughts. I am also here for you all if you ever feel that. You’re important. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. Keep preserving through the tough times because they don’t last forever.

It Won’t Be Like This Forever

It Won’t Be Like This Forever

Your life is not on pause or delayed.


The question is, are you fully awake to it, paying attention from your idea of an ideal scenario?


What there is though, is the present and we are in the now of it all.

The midst of it to be exact.

Now that you see everything unfolding before you, you should exhale, inhale, and do that plenty of times before you get a grip onto the reality before us.

This is not a GAME.

We are in a pandemic and we have to do everything we can to uproot each other and support other during these hard times.

Be smart about every decision you make because I promise you, life won’t ever be the same again.

Wake up from the bad dream that the media is telling you and we are in the current situation we are currently in for a reason.

This isn’t a made up scenario, this is real life.

Rest in the End, Not the Middle

Rest in the End, Not the Middle

Today I learned something important.

It was from one of the best basketball players that ever played the game.

Not Michael Jordan, Magic, Shaq, or Lebron.

It was Kobe Bryant.

Inspired a whole generation of kids, dentists,librarians, and just anyone who watched him.

He had a speech at an award show and he was talking about never giving up.

That speech right there in there inspired me to the extent of doing everything I can in my lifetime.

He said a quote that I won’t forget to this day, as he said ” Finish in the end, not in the middle”

We as humans seem to half ass things and not to take it seriously.

That mentality is the wrong mentality to have because it leads to NOWHERE.

Finish what you started or you’ll end up in regret with the choices that you made for yourself.

Trust me, inspiration goes a long way and I want to do the same for other people reading this blog.

You can be better than you were yesterday with hard-work, determination, and sacrifice.

If this doesn’t motivate you to work harder, I don’t know what will but please keep going.

You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Make sure to share, subscribe, like, and follow for more posts like these. I love you all and be safe during these hard times.

The Scary Truth About Life

The Scary Truth About Life

Life is scary.

We don’t know how or when we will die.

This precious life could be taken from us at any given moment and nobody will save you.

Not your parents, mentor,friends, and close family.

You may be confused about what I am saying right now but what I am trying to say nobody in this world will save you.

Michael Jordan, the most prolific player, of our generation worked for everything he has in this life but wasn’t always the top player like he is today.

He got cut from his school team and was devasted to say the least. That was the only thing that was one his mind and even his Mom told him to get better so he had a chance to leave him behind.

Now look where he’s at now.

In today’s generation, parents would baby their son’s or daughter’s saying they earned it or deserve a chance but in reality, they don’t.

Nothing is given in this life.

No one is coming to save you, get better, and don’t change the standard of your goals.

Always set them a bar higher than before. You will be glad you did and in this life the only person capable of reaching those goals will only be you and you only.

Work hard in silence and show them why they shouldn’t count you out.

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Stay Away From Still People

Stay Away From Still People

Stay Away From Still People In this day and age, it’s important to stay away from “Still” people. People who bring no value to your life and want to complain about the circumstances that they put themselves and don’t want to improve their lifestyle. Stay away from people who still complain, still broke, still hating, still don’t want to go nowhere with their lives. I have heard a saying and it goes like this, “If you always hang out with a complainer, you will surely learn how to complain”. This statement is so powerful because it considers if you have powerful habits. If you have a goal or a dream in mind, don’t tell other people about it and DO NOT spend time with people who give you zero value to your life. When I first made this personal blog, I had no idea anyone would even take the time to look at it or even subscribe to it. I made a terrible mistake of telling other people about it and made me feel like the dumbest person in the world. I don’t care and stopped caring more and more because they were obstacles in the way of what I wanted to accomplish. After a year of blogging, I have learned to become free and would still be in the same place as I was last year. Has this ever happened to you? What do you do in order to avoid these kind of people? Let me know in the comments. Share and comment on this post as you can be featured on my next blog post! #Blog

The Best Investment You Can Make

The Best Investment You Can Make

People often want to tell you the best investment you can make for yourself is in cryptocurrency, Forex, making a business, a YouTube channel, or whatever the case may be.

Nobody has the right answer for what’s best for you.

Wanna know the secret?

The secret for the best investment you can possibly make is….

In yourself.

The secret for the best investment you can possibly make is….

In yourself.

An example of the best investment you can make in yourself is

DJ Khaled spends millions of dollars on his health each year because he wanted to lose weight and better himself.

That’s only half of the story though.

The other half of his investments come from

  • Nutritionists
  • Chefs
  • Massages
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • And so much more we don’t know about.

He does this best he wants to be version of himself.

The part which is less obvious is, the financial investment that it provides back to us.

He’s more than just rapper, he’s hungry for success.

And not to mention, the benefits and how it helps him better as a person and improves the morale with him and the people around him. He used to be seen as a joke but I respect him to the fullest content there is.

A natural born winner.

How You Can Do The Same

I know you don’t have that much money to invest in yourself like they do.

But you can do things like

  • Buying an ebook or course to learn a skill to help you
  • Doing a meal plan that could potentially help you better yourself
  • Building a business from scratch and outsourcing it

In Conclusion

You have to control where you’re putting your money.

The majority of your investments should be bettering yourself.

If it doesn't help you or relate to your goals, might as well leave it.

– Opare Asihene

P.S. I’m on the plan of writing an ebook of how to leverage your blog and your content as a blogger. But that won’t happen unless you follow me and suscribe to my blog. Share to family, friends, and co-workers who might need it. I love you all.

Never Ever Ever, Ever Give Up

Don’t give in.

It’s a slow process but giving up won’t speed it up

That’s what people want you to do is give in.

It took the Egyptians countless years to built the pyramids for their rulers as they took years of grueling hard work to build them for their rulers to show the importance of their death after they have passed.

It took Michael Jordan countless tries to be on his high school team after the coaches rejected him and told him he wasn’t good enough.

People looked at Martin Luther King has insane or crazy for trying to get people to see his views and all that he says about peace and equality between black and white people and many thought it would never happen.

Jeff Bezos created a billionaire dollar company with the support of his parents in his garage and is one of the richest people in the world as of today.

Cliche,cliche, cliche, is probably what you’re thinking but all of them have a reoccurring theme.

They didn’t give up.

Giving up is never an option. Reorganize. Take a breath. An attack the plan you have and never give up.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

I just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone who reads and how God is risen today. He has died for our sins and will continue to do good for us in ways we don’t even know.

It may not feel like Easter,

But appreciate this time with your loved ones and the people around you. Love life even more especially at this hard time and take everything in that you have. Being grateful during the hard times show who we really are as people. Never forget that. Once again, I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

Domain Directory

Domain Directory

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well.

I am recently in the process of changing my website domain and changing it so it’s easier for people who like viewing my site, very easy to find.

I can already see some of you found it and I will be fixing it in the upcoming days.

I apologize if it’s confusing clicking on two links directing you to somewhere else and will be working on maintenance of my site.

If you have any comments,questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe everyone.

Krispy Kreme donuts Surprise

Krispy Kreme donuts Surprise

Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts to HS & College Grads from May 19-24 A Sweet Krispy Kreme Surprise Krispy Kreme donuts just made life a whole …

Krispy Kreme donuts Surprise

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action

NThe first step is always the hardest but will always be worth itThe only way to win in life is to take action. We often want to do very well in life…

Want to win in life? Take Action

Krispy Kreme donuts Surprise

Krispy Kreme donuts Surprise

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Customers Who Buy A Dozen Donuts On ...
Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts to HS & College Grads from May 19-24

A Sweet Krispy Kreme Surprise

Krispy Kreme donuts just made life a whole lot sweeter.

Kripsy Kreme is giving away donuts for graduates.

The title sounds absurd, but yes, you read that right.

The cap and gown might not go to waste after all.

So, you’re probably wondering if I lured you into click-bait or an actually surprise from the company.

Krispy Kreme is doing a good deed by congratulating those who recently graduated.

Since, there is no formal graduation this year. Krispy Kreme decided to put matters into their own hands.

On May 19th, High School and College Graduates. Will be able to get the donuts they rightfull deserve.

The chief marketing director of the company Dave Skena said in a statement, “We feel for all the high school and college seniors.” “We wish they had that moment of walking across the stage and getting their diploma. We can’t replace that , but we thought we could help them safely have a little fun and enjoy a special ‘Graduate Dozen’ on us.”

Those were some of the words form the chief marketing director and I must say, it was an excellent marketing move on his end. A free incentive on those who face the challenges of getting their diplomas that can potentially change their lives or even their families.

Nevertheless, there are some good people left in this world. And he sure is one of them. Although, you won’t be able to walk across the stage, enjoy the moment with friends and family.

Drive carefully and continue to work hard in your studies. This a sign of something bigger coming for us.

You can either get the donuts at any location or can order throughout the app to claim your sweet gift.



Imagination is a path to the life we want Our imagination is our biggest gift in this life. We consciously spend 30% of our time day dreaming. It is …


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